I finally got around to ordering a marriage certificate for one of Louisa’s marriages, or, at the time of ordering… one of her suspected marriages for someone I hoped was her.

I was relieved when it came in.
Fathers name, Alfred.  Check!
Address, 4 Milton Place.  Check!!
Witness, Charles A Savage.  AHA!!!

Great feeling to know I had this one right, which means her next marriage is also correct, but wondering what extra info I might find on that one day when I order it.

Of additional interest here was Charles as the witness.  From the 1911 Census, we know that Louisa had an older brother, listed there as Alfred.  My problem had been finding Alfred.  After a year of having Alfred on the tree as the oldest child, I found a Charles A Savage that seemed to fit the bill, but I had no proof and didn’t want to randomly order a cert if I wasn’t a little more sure.

Hello Charles!