As yet, this seems to be the first record of Henry Savage, born in 1825, that I can find.

I found a few articles from different papers, seems they each had the same or similar info.

Henry Savage was brought up in custody, and charged by Police Constable Pinegar with intending to fight a prize battle at Basford, and was ordered to pay the expenses, 14s, to enter into his own recognizance of £10, and to find a surety in the same amount.  John Hibbert, of Glasshouse lane, was accepted as his bond, and he was then liberated.

We understand this to be our Henry Savage from later newspaper articles that include his wife, Emma Scott, and describe Henry as a trainer of prize fighters in Nottingham.

I believe that John Hibbert ran a pub in the area, and was likely invested in the fight, or put on the fight.

This would not be Henry’s last run in with the law, as we’ll see.