Mar 252019

First and foremost, it’s important to note that DNA Testing is not necessary to build a Family Tree. Far from it. There are quite literally hundreds of thousands of documents and records just waiting for your eyes to hit them. In fact, to be accurate with your Family Tree, anything you find via DNA testing should be backed up with records, or if records don’t exist, then some kind of knowledge to back it up. Obviously, this might not always be possible for some closed adoptions or illegitimacy if all involved have passed, but you should have as much evidence to back your claim as possible.

People have some valid concerns about taking a DNA Test. I would encourage everyone that is interested or considering taking one to look into it first, and evaluate your level of paranoia vs what some of the different companies do. Personally, I would have a test done with a company that, upon request, will allow you to download, keep and remove from their system your test results if you’re so inclined.

Joseph James DeAngelo Jr.
Charged with 12 counts of 1st Degree murder

Some have concerns about potentially helping convict family members if they have committed a violent offense. The most popular case of that happening was in the Bay Area of California where Police used a public DNA database (GED Match) to make a match for a cold case Serial Killer (Golden State Killer). They got hits from some of his family, they were willing to help, and they got him. Again, this was a public database, somewhere that you take your DNA data and upload it to work with other people to try and find/make more matches.

More recently Family Tree DNA changed their terms and conditions about allowing law enforcement to use their site. People were understandably upset and were unsure the extent of access, thinking that the company gave cops a key to all the DNA to free search… this is not the case. That would be a terrible thing for a company to do, and would pretty much kill them off. But they did state that law enforcement may create a profile on the site, just like any user, and upload DNA from a suspect, and then use it to gather any publicly available matches. Likewise, users of the site could opt out of these profiles showing up in Law Enforcement searches if they wish.

Any law agency with probable cause (typically regardless of country too) can provide a warrant for data if they have a sufficient amount of evidence and can state what they want. Coming down to all that, then you better not leave your house, use the internet, throw anything in the rubbish, or spit your gum out anywhere, etc… because if they want it, they can get it.

For me, it leads to common sense, and keeping a fair degree of privacy when dealing with people that are still alive.

Mar 172019

Henry Savage, born about 1825, presumably in Nottingham, is where our line of Savage’s begins.

As yet, we have no birth record, nor do we have a marriage record for him and Emma Scott. What we do have is quite a collection of newspaper articles, with mention of Henry (sometimes known as Harry) and his Emma Scott, aka Mrs “Savidge”, and the birth records of his children, a few of which we have not been able to pick up their trail.

Henry has been a bit of an enigma. Our first legal record of him is his daughters birth, Eliza Savage, born in 1851. This is all we know of Eliza, although someone has come to me believing she might have become a Catholic, changed her name to Mary Elizabeth, and married at St. Barnabas after getting baptized at the age of 20 in 1871.

The Birth Certificate shows him married to Emma Savage, formerly Scott. Also states that he’s a Shoe Maker. Later records would also show him as a Cordwainer (Shoe Maker). This is doubtful as there is no record of him having an apprenticeship. He likely had a friend or close family member that was a Cordwainer, and might have known some basics, but no formal training. It was also stated that he was a Journeyman, which is someone selling their wares on the side of the road. His later troubles would discount his claim to be a Cordwainer as he would have lost his apprenticeship getting into legal trouble.

In 1856, his son Henry Savage is born. In 1858, the birth of James “Savidge”, to Emma Savidge, formerly Scott. In 1860, the birth of James Savage. James would later take on the surname of Scott-Savage, for reasons we can only assume at this point to distance himself from his fathers name.

The first time we hear about Henry in the newspapers is October 1849 when he was arrested for intending to fight in a Prize Fight in Basford. He was ordered to pay expenses of 14s, and entered into his own recognizance of £10, and to find a surety in the same amount. John Hibbert of Glasshouse Lane was accepted as his bond. He was then “liberated”.

It would be 9 years before I would find him in the Newspaper again (for now). December 1858, Henry Savage (a pugilist) and Henry Sharpe (a Cordwainer), were taken before Lord Belper and the magistrates charged with having committed burglary at the Sir Robert Peel beer house in Sneinton, stealing £40 of gold, the property of Mr Duffy, the landlord, whom had just returned from a gold digging expedition in Australia. They both denied the charges, although Sharpe was positively identified. Charges were dropped and no stolen property was recovered.

Next, in July 1862, Henry Savage living on Commerce Street was charged with having 21 lbs of stolen tea in his possession. A search of his house revealed house breaking implements and a bank book showing monies saved. Money found in the house he said were winnings from betting on horses, and stated that he received 6s 6d per week from the Union. He had also been receiving relief claiming to be a pauper, some of which he was ordered to pay back.

In July of 1863, he and Joseph Walsh, a FWK (Frame Work Knitter) were involved with breaking into a warehouse on Orchard Street in Radford belonging to John Allcock. Evidence was inconclusive and they were released.

More Later – Not the last of Henry.

Mar 172019

Arthur Savage, born 23 Aug 1906 in Nottingham, to parents Alfred Savage & Agnes Waterfield. Arthur would marry Alice May Coombes on 26 Mar 1927.

Arthur started working at the age of 14 in the Radford Coal Pits, and would work the pits his whole life.

By all accounts, he was “a bit of a lad” when he was younger. He was a quiet man, wise, with a great sense of humour. He had wild curly hair that went white early on, was loved and respected by all that knew him. Everyone knew him by “Harry”.

Later in life, he enjoyed most of all sitting around with his ex miner friends at the White Horse and sup on a pint of his Shipstones Ale.

Arthur & Alice’s first two children died as infants… Harry Alfred & Kenneth, born in 1927 and 1929 respectively.

Mar 172019

John Henry Savage was born in Nottingham, on 4 Feb 1880 to Henry & Louisa Savage (nee Selby).

John Henry was the oldest of four known children of Henry & Louisa.
Alfred Savage, born in 1883.
Arthur Savage, born in 1889.
Albert Edward Savage, born in 1901.

John Henry was involved in a big family row around 1895. He was a fence for some of Henry Savage’s (1825) more minor shady dealings. (Elizabeth Moore’s father was the one that was likely a fence for Henry’s shady dealings) It seems that money was the cause of the row. They were Framework Knitters (FWK’s) and not very well paid, usually paid by piecework. The Moore family (whom Henry would marry into) moved from a small house on Allport St in Nottingham, to Julian Road in West Bridgford. The area was beyond their means, and it was wondered where the money had come from. John Henry would eventually end up living with his Scott relatives (Emma Scott’s family).

John Henry joined 1st Derbyshires Regiment in the early 1900’s, then he immigrated to Canada on 17 Dec 1909, sailing from Liverpool to Nova Scotia. He gave his previous address as Vancouver BC and went to Canada as a returning Canadian, likely to avoid paperwork. Elizabeth Moore would follow in May of 1911, they had their first daughter, Grace on 24 Jun 1912 and married in Winnipeg on 2 Jul 1912.

On 23 Sept 1914, John Henry Savage enlists in the Canadian Expeditionary Force to serve in World War 1.
It seems that he got into a little trouble while in the service, mostly for drinking.
The best I can read from his military records is that he went on Furlough 9 May 1918 back to Canada, and never returns to the front.
My Grandad was born on June 1919 and in May of 1920, John Henry puts his wife and 3 children on a ship back to England, and told he never wants to see them again (as the story goes).

From here, he vanishes for 20 years. I can find no record of him anywhere, but then he shows up in Los Angeles, living in the Midnight Mission on Skid Row. Two years later, he’s living in an apartment, or some other home, on Skid Row when he submits his Draft Card for World War 2.

I have not found naturalization paperwork, although he states he’s a US Citizen now. Due to his military desertion, likely would not have been able to file for citizenship, although I’m not sure.

John Henry Savage died on 13 Oct 1957 in Seattle, Washington. His death certificate states he’d lived in Seattle for 14 years, putting that the year after his WW2 Draft Registration.
He died at the Pederson Nursing Home on 414 Tenth Avenue.

His remains went unclaimed for 6 1/2 years. His cremains were buried in an unmarked community grave at the Everegreen-Washelli Memorial Park on 7 Apr 1964.